Earn a Commission on Each Sale from Customers You Referred to Us

Here at Just Great Software, we develop and sell several fine software packages: AceText, DeployMaster, EditPad Lite, EditPad Pro, HelpScribble, PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, and RegexMagic. If you are in touch with people who may be interested in buying such software, you are eligible to become a Just Great Software affiliate.

All you need to be able to earn a commission is to invite people to click on a special affiliate link pointing to any page on our web sites. After signing up, you can easily build such links through our web site. If a person clicks on your link and buys any of our software within the next 90 days, you will earn a fixed commission of $10 for AceText, RegexBuddy, and RegexMagic, $7.50 for EditPad Lite, $15 for EditPad Pro, $25 for DeployMaster and HelpScribble, and $40.00 for PowerGREP. For all products, that is about 25% of the list price. The 90-day period gives the customer plenty of time to download the free evaluation version of the software and try it.

In order to check if a customer was referred to us by an affiliate, the special affiliate link will set a cookie in the user's web browser. This is the industry standard method for tracking affiliate sales. Research shows that only a very small percentage (about 5%) of people surf with cookies disabled.

In addition to the special affiliate links, you can also download a special version of the free evaluation versions of our software with your affiliate code embedded into it. When somebody installs that free evaluation version, and visits our web site by clicking on a button or menu item in the software, you will also earn your commission.

Unlike many affiliate programs that go through 3rd party companies, our system will credit the sale to you regardless whether the customer bought directly from us, or through any of our partners or resellers. All licenses end up in our own central database, which also tracks affiliate sales. We do not inconvenience your audience by forcing them to buy through a particular reseller so you can earn your commission.

At the end of each calendar quarter, we pay the commissions you've earned into your PayPal account, even if you've made only one sale. There's no minimum payout threshold. If you don't have a PayPal account yet, opening a personal PayPal account is FREE, and receiving money into a personal PayPal account is FREE as well. PayPal allows people in over 200 countries to receive and withdraw money to a local bank account or bank card.

You can check your click-through, download and sales statistics at any time by logging onto our affiliate control panel.

How to Join

You can join our affiliate program right now by accepting our affiliate agreement and completing our affiliate signup form (secure link). You can build the special affiliate links and start referring customers and earning commissions right away.

Other Partnership and Co-Marketing Options

The above affiliate program is our basic program that pretty much anybody can join. All people not engaged in illegal activities or activities not suited for a family audience are welcome to join.

If you have different needs or wishes, or have other co-marketing ideas, feel free to contact Jan Goyvaerts by email any time. We are happy to enter into any mutually beneficial business relationship.